Hector Poole

Hector Poole’s career started 1979 as an operator/cleaner with a company called Laingsdale Engineering and Elec-tronic products.
He then became an apprentice electroplater with the Plessey group. He passed his trade test at Atlas Aircraft Corpo-ration covering most of the basic plating procedures including Zinc,Copper,Nickel and gild.
He also did his sulphuric acid anodizing training with the above mentioned company.
After leaving the Plessey group he joined a company that manufactured printed circuit boards and was responsible for maintaining all the chemical solutions doing the laboratory analysis.
He worked in various “jobbing” plating shops in the Northern suburbs as a production manager / supervisor.
Mr Poole is our oldest and most experienced member of the group. He is our operations manager, and our
anodising expert. He has a wealth of knowledge in all sectors of the metal finishing industry, and plays a very im-portant part in the Platerite team.