Graham Abrahams

Graham’s Metal finishing experience started in 1994 as a sheet-metal operator at Radpart Silverton, a manufacturer of cooling systems for the automotive and mining industry. He has experience in various manufacturing companies small and large core, which included hot dip galvanising.

In 1999 Graham Abrahams started his extensive electroplating career; he was employed by various plating industries and has been with Platerite since 2008.

Graham has experience in the plating  process of bright nickel plating, cyanide copper,acid copper, zinc cyanide, gold Plating, anodising and kenverting.

Applicable to Platerite is Zinc Cyanide and  nickel plating.

Polishing on all types of metals, de-rusting, stripping and effective system maintenance are only some of the techniques he has perfected over the years.

Graham is the production manager and plays an extremely important part in the smooth running of the production process.

He is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the best possible service is given at all times.